Introduction - Beginners start here

(By Brian Roughton)

If you would like to take one-on-one guitar lessons via webcam from me, send an email to and I’ll help you get started as soon as possible. I have taught lessons to hundreds of students from ages 6 and up and I can do the same for you. Take the guess work out of learning guitar and allow me to teach your fingers to play quickly and easily!

This site’s purpose is to provide guitar lessons from the beginner through intermediate levels. I have set up the lessons in chronological order. If you have not played before, it is likely that you’ll spend one to two weeks on each lesson before it is mastered. Be sure to keep your guitar tuned, which is best achieved with an electric tuner. If you have an old guitar sitting in a closet, you may need to have it restrung and properly “set up” by a local music store. This could cost $50 dollars depending on the condition of the instrument and the area in which you live.
This approach to music lessons is one that I have used as a music teacher over the past 20 years. It is for the purpose of general instruction and will lay a foundation for the average hobbyist who wants to play popular songs. For those who are interested in a specialized genre or style of playing, it will likely be necessary to find a private instructor after having mastered the material on this site. Some of the things common to all proficient guitarists regardless of style, are awareness, accuracy, and efficient use of the hands. I believe that attention to detail with the basic concepts shown here will enable someone to choose their musical path with a firm grasp on the basics of guitar playing. Once you have completed the first 3 lessons you should be able to begin strumming along with simple songs.
As you complete and master more of the lessons your ability to play more complex songs will increase exponentially. You will eventually need to acquire sheet music as opposed to the free guitar tabs you’ll find online. If you want to learn to play the guitar it will go more quickly if you have the right tools. Hopefully this site will serve as a resource for free guitar lessons until you are able to find a guitar teacher in your area.